Eco-friendly water mining. • Minería del agua eco-amigable.

ORGASORB water treatment solution

Tertiary treatment by adsorbent biofiltration. ● Fresh water.

is providing water solutions for large and medium mining infrastructures thanks to 100% vegetal adsorbent biofiltration modules designed to make your water management fully sustainable. Now, you can depollute easily at a lower cost:

✔ Tailings’ effluents

✔ Leachates

✔ Ground waters

✔ Camp wastewater

and get reusable water at the required quality: recycled, irrigation, aquifers recharge or complying dump.

Modernize your water treatment plant adding an
INTENSIVE biofiltration module.

complex water treatment engineering

ORGASORB water biofiltration module benefits:

Feed water few requirements :

✔ prefiltrated water
✔ Turbidity: <10 NTU for high efficiency (reuse quality)
✔ Turbidity: <30 NTU high efficiency (dump)
✔ 4 < pH < 11
✔ No minimum flow pressure.
✔ Flow (Holding time) to evaluate according to the level of concentration of pollutants to remove.

✔ Easy to implement and maintain

✔ Modular: no flowlimit ● complete any kind of other specific filtration.

✔ Very compact module

✔ Energy efficient or NO ENERGY

✔ More efficient and economic than existing solutions

✔ 100% of contaminated water is depolluted

✔ Capture dissolved pollutant in an inert way

✔ 100% vegetal adsorption: investment eligible to green credits.

✔ Generic adsorption: can be combine with any other kind of specific filtration.

✔ On-line & Real time monitoring.

Monitor on-line the adsorption filtration process and quality of the produced water thanks to:

Our water treatement solutions a SAFE & ECONOMIC DISPOSAL enabling the mine to extract dissolved noble metals decontaminating water to produce reusable water or safe dumps.





tecnology transfer


noble & interest metals


recycled ↻ irrigation ↳ aquifers

Water is also gold.
Your reputation too.

irrigation • recycling • aquifer recharge • water saving • energy production / storage • reforestation
See the next step of the process > 2. Biofilter residue transformation.
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